Nelda Swiggett Trio | This Time

OA2 Records (2010)

Nelda Swiggett – piano, vocal, compositions
Chris Symer – bass
Byron Vannoy – drums

Sound Clips

“…a stunning project…held together by the highly original mind of Ms. Swiggett.”
– JazzTimes

“…the sound is all Swiggett’s: refined and confident, open and inviting.”
– All About Jazz

“Best Northwest Jazz CDs of 2010”
– Jim Wilke, Jazz After Hours, NPR

“Top releases of 2010”
– Bill Moody, KSVY


Earshot Plug: Nelda Swiggett Trio at Tula’s
“A few months ago, I had the good fortune of seeing this band in action. It was a true knockout performance; everyone on the bandstand brought her/his A-game and this mighty trio couldn’t have been tighter. It is easily one of the best performances I’ve seen this year.” full review

“… this third album by Swiggett, as a leader, is a stunning project, put together by three imaginative swingers — pianist Swiggett; bassist Chris Symer; and drummer Byron Vannoy — held together by the highly original mind of Ms. Swiggett.” full review

All About Jazz
“Nelda Swiggett summons the influence of the late Gene Harris … a bright palette, a sinewy execution and a powerful, assertive command. Swiggett’s atonal tendencies echo Monk and her percussive nature, Tyner. Taken as a whole, the sound is all Swiggett’s: refined and confident, open and inviting.”  full review

Earshot Jazz Magazine
“Clumps of notes. That’s how pianist Nelda Swiggett describes musical shapes that are the basis of her compositions. But don’t be misled by the word clump. The notes are not dissonant, grating or random. Her music is precise without being dry, clean without being dull, and light without being fluff. The sound is as clear, direct and crisp as the gaze of her piercing blue eyes. And behind those eyes teems a sharp mind that leaves plenty of air within and around those clumps.” full review

All Music Guide
“Swiggett’s playing throughout is a surprise — generally starting out calmly and melodically, but unveiling deeper layers of excitement and intrigue as the songs develop. There’s a lot to listen to here, and almost all of it is excellent.” full review

Bopndicks 10 picks, Dick Crockett, “The Voice” 88.7 FM
“Seattle based pianist Nelda Swiggett has a bright smooth swinging quality to her mainstream approach and a minimalist almost bare knuckles attitude. Her key strokes are bold and assertive, as if she knows exactly the direction of her music. And you feel it, directional-determined and cool. She has written all original compositions and three with lyrics. Her vocals are care free and warm, juxtaposed to her driving style on piano. She’s been compared to Monk somewhat and to the late Gene Harris, which seems more accurate. Nelda Swiggett’s new CD, “This Time” is a fresh new breeze out of the Northwest.”

production info

Produced by Nelda Swiggett
Recorded by David Lange, May 15 & 16, 2009, at Davide lange Studios, Edgewood, WA
Mixed by David Lange
Mastered by Ross Nyberg
Photography by Steve Korn
Art direction & layout by John Bishop
Design by Chard McCullough