The swigtones

Nelda and Clif Swiggett have been playing music together since the night they first met in 1987. They raised their two sons, Dylan and Jack, in a house filled with band rehearsals and piano lessons, and by the time they were in middle school, the kids were performing at jazz clubs and private events around Seattle. Together, these four Swiggetts comprise the Swigtones, a family band performing a variety of music ranging from jazz standards to funk and R&B hits, classical compositions and more. Jack Swiggett (piano, melodica, ukulele, bass, vocal), Dylan Swiggett (drum set, guitar, vocal), Nelda Swiggett (piano, vocal, flute), Clif Swiggett (trombone, percussion, bass, vocal).

… what a delight to have the Swigtones in our midst last week!  … Watching the reaction of the audience to your program, it was apparent the Swigtones hit a high note.  … The program was great. It highlighted each of your special talents. 

What really came across was how much joy you had playing with one another. … it was awesome to witness a family having so much fun. At its best music conveys an emotion of one kind or another. That evening the Swigtones conveyed a sense of joy. Thanks so much for sharing your music with us. Couldn’t have been better!

P.S. We’ll work on getting you back again!

Bob Schmitz, concert organizer
Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac, Arizona